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Gunther Omenstone

Had another Tuesday drawing session with Daniel Gelon this week. A pencil sketch turned into this ink sketch of the chacter I played in Monday’s D&D game. Presenting Gunther Omenstone, Hill Dwarf fighter and cousin to Ugald Omenstone and Ash Zombieslayer.

Consistency, that old hobgoblin

I’m working on some sample comic pages this week, and was reminded once again of the challenge of keeping characters looking consistent from panel to panel and page to page. I decided to devote my weekly coffeeshop sketch session to practicing the main character’s likeness.

Knights & Dragon

Inaugural blog post time! I spent some time drawing with my pals Heather Hudson and Dan Gelon today and came up with some knights and a sort of Blake-esque dragon. The lady knight is Bradamante from Orlando Furioso. It’s the 500th anniversary of its first printing this year!