“Real Husbands of Hollywood” interior pages

Recently Marvel Custom Solutions approached me to draw a comic promoting the BET show “Real Husbands of Hollywood.” Working off a script by David F. Walker and amazing breakdowns by Damion Scott, I came up with these. This comic debuts at New York Comic Con 2016.

InkTober 2016: Day 1

A day late here but I really did have it up on Twitter October 1st. Promise. The “official” prompt for day 1 was “Fast.” Today’s is “Noisy.” Stay tuned!

Sample comics pages–All-New X-Men

Here are some sample interiors I’ve been working on in my spare time. They are from an “All-New X-Men” script by Brian Michael Bendis. Had a lot of fun and learned a lot working on these.  

Gunther Omenstone

Had another Tuesday drawing session with Daniel Gelon this week. A pencil sketch turned into this ink sketch of the chacter I played in Monday’s D&D game. Presenting Gunther Omenstone, Hill Dwarf fighter and cousin to Ugald Omenstone and Ash Zombieslayer.

Consistency, that old hobgoblin

I’m working on some sample comic pages this week, and was reminded once again of the challenge of keeping characters looking consistent from panel to panel and page to page. I decided to devote my weekly coffeeshop sketch session to practicing the main character’s likeness.